Microsoft AdCenter open for business


Microsoft has officially launched AdCenter–their new query advertising system–as a companion to the evolving MSN Search engine.

This should be very interesting. I’m curious to see what yield people get from ads being attached to MSN queries. Let’s take the Tablet market for instance. Do Tablet owners use MSN Search? Hmm. You can probably guess at the minimum that when someone searches MSN Search they are doing so from a Windows box. Whether it’s a Tablet PC is another matter. I’m guessing, though, that at least at this time more Tableteers are using Google or some other search engine, but that’s simply because they have a running start. Where might we go from here? Might MSN Search become the place for marketing Tablet wares? It’s going to be interesting to watch.

This makes we wonder: In general, if you’re a company that’s developing Windows apps, doesn’t it seem like AdCenter is the place to be? It may take some experimentation before we know this. Maybe the AdCenter group could encourage the transition by giving MSDN developers a $30 AdCenter coupon? Or what about a $30 coupon for each TechEd attendee?