Another EV-DO member


Dave Winer: “For the record this is my first EVDO-based blog post.”

My prediction: Soon–maybe by 2008–EVDO (or a similar high-speed wireless capability) will become standard. My fingers are crossed that Intel or manufacturer-led standards will make it so. Outside of the cost issues, I would recommend EVDO for everyone that purchases a notebook. It makes notebooks that much more useful. WiFi brought the freedom of no wires to the always connected world. EVDO makes it easy to be connected more often–which sometimes changes the way you think about using your notebook. With EVDO I can check the news in a Taxi or blast off an email just minutes before the plane door closes. I’ve also found my EVDO to be an invaluable backup when my Internet connection goes down at home.

I just wish EVDO cost 1/2 as much.