Robert Scoble opens up his family room


After a little time off from blogging Robert Scoble decides to institute a “family room” policy when it comes to comments on Scobleizer. If the comments become offensive, he’ll delete them. Fine by me.

I’ve never stated it here before, but I too don’t have a problem with deleting comments on this blog. In fact, every day I probably delete 50+ spam comments. Yeah, I know this isn’t what Robert’s talking about, however, along the way I decided that should someone’s language go over the top, I’d drop the post. So far I haven’t had to delete anyone’s comment, but I will if need be. To date, everyone has been quite “family room” comfortable.

When you post a comment here, the comments don’t appear immediately. I have to approve them. The downside with this approach is that the conversation is sometimes halted. The problem is that spam noise is so high, that it’s the only approach I’ve found that works well enough. It does take extra time to walk through each comment, but at least you know that if the comment appears that I’ve read it.


  1. The link to the Web log “Scobelizer” is dead as of 10 21 Eastern, April 16. Are we sure there is a Web log? If so, please, post a valid url. Thanks. sa