“Fun new products” presentation doesn’t surprise


Apple’s “Fun new products” presentation this morning didn’t bring any big surprises. No Apple Tablets. No new iPod video. No multi-touchpoint displays. Instead, Steve Jobs presented, among other things, the new “iPod Hi-Fi” (iPod boom box), leather cases for iPods, and updated Mac Minis.

It appears that the hype got ahead of this one.

What does this mean for Microsoft and their Origami Project (www.OrigamiProject.com) campaign? Anything? I bet it’ll mean that people take a deep breath.

I have to admit, it would have been so much more fun if Apple had released something really, really cool on par with a video iPod with a touch display or video service that further blurs the lines between computer and media device. Or what would it be like if Apple had responded to all those customer requests and released a Tablet with some unique Apple twist?

There’s nothing like competition to bring out the best in people.