Putting my socks back on after visiting the local Apple store


On a visit to the local mall yesterday I stopped by the Apple store. I was blown away. Counting myself there were 66 people milling about. Seven people were in line buying things.

I stopped by because I was tired of looking at 30% off sales. I wanted a digital diversion.

My first stop was at the MacBook Pro station. My initial reaction: It looks like any other PowerBook. Nice. My second reaction: It runs hotter than I had expected. I’m not sure if that’s because the system had been running plugged in for a long time–which I imagine it had been–but I was surprised. I guess a part of me had expected the Apple engineers to defy physics and come up with a super cool to the touch notebook. Nope. It’s just much like all the other notebooks. Warm. I imagine it’s not exactly something you want on your lap for long periods of time during a Phoenix summer. It’s probably best left on a desktop.

Anyway, I know my expectations were high. I’m back to reality.