OrigamiProject buzz spreads


The buzz is spreading over OrigamiProject.com (a domain registered to Microsoft). Tech.Memeorandum.com has the links.

I can’t help but draw comparisons with the other buzz-conversation going on–and that’s the speculation as to whether or not the picture shown on Engadget is of a next generation Apple device–or is a fake.

What I find fascinating about all of this is how the word is spreading in both cases. The stories have been on Engadget, Slashdot, and Digg. And check out the comment counts on each of them. There’s a lot of interest here. I wonder if the buzz is going to be spreading outside of the blogosphere?

One thing is for sure, there are quite a few slueths in the blogosphere that are getting a kick out of trying to figure out the two puzzles.

Warner Crocker has a couple pictures that sum up the speculation on what the OrigamiProject is all about here as well as a few snippets on the speculation about the Apple device.

Someone needs to assemble a list out all the ideas that people have come up with. Maybe even show a trend over time as to what people are speculating that the announcements will be. I wish I had some time today. It would be fun to do.

My bet right now is on the obvious: Apple will announce some cool, new product at next week’s event and sometime after that Microsoft will too 🙂 In them meantime, I’m clicking on tech.memeorandum.com, blogsearch.google.com, and Technorati with the rest of you trying to follow the breaking news.