Call for Memeorandum stats


Google rankings, Alexa traffic rankings, and Technorati‘s Top Blogs, are all fine and dandy, but as Memeorandum has grown to become my number one resource for tracking what’s going on in the blogosphere, I’d like to see some Memeorandum statistics become available.

I’d like to be able to see graphically or in some numerical fashion the activity going on in Memeorandum over time.

I’d like to see a ranking of who get’s to the top spot the most often on Memeorandum? Who has stories that linger the longest? Who writes stories that get the most discussion going? How many times over the last day, week, month, year, has a post I’ve written been listed on Memeorandum? How high did the post go? And how does my Memeorandum Rank compare to others overall? Better yet, how does my Memeorandum Rank compare to others in the Tablet PC tag group? Or the Web 2.0 tag group?

Maybe this is a feature Memeorandum can provide directly. Maybe it’s a service someone can build on top of Memeorandum. In fact, is there a Memeorandum API? Maybe this is a good opportunity.


  1. Wow, one more reason to hate memeorandum: ranked lists. Hmm…maybe I should do it then! Actually, I’ve thought of this, and it has its advantages. Kind of stretched at the moment though. Lots to do, no revenue, etc…

    Thanks for the tip!