Google projected to be fourth in total ad revenue


New York Times: Those little textual Google ads “…have turned Google into one of the biggest advertising vehicles the world has ever seen. This year, Google will sell $6.1 billion in ads, nearly double what it sold last year, according to Anthony Noto, an analyst at Goldman Sachs. That is more advertising than is sold by any newspaper chain, magazine publisher or television network.

I didn’t realize that advertising had crossed over like this from classic media to the Internet. Quite amazing.

The article continues:

“By next year, Mr. Noto said, he expects Google to have advertising revenue of $9.5 billion. That would place it fourth among American media companies in total ad sales after Viacom, the News Corporation and the Walt Disney Company, but ahead of giants including NBC Universal and Time Warner.”

So if I read this correctly, for anyone wanting to out-Google Google and overtake their revenue stream, they are essentially talking about surpassing almost all existing media companies too. One way to do this is to join up with the top of the bottom of the pack…aka NBC Universal and Time Warner and possibly some other search engine merging together. Eh, maybe this won’t happen right now in today’s market, but in the next cycle of consolidation I wouldn’t be surprised. “Time Warner NBC Universal” anyone? What a mouthful that would be. Ah, I got it. Here’s a better name: “Time 2.0” 🙂