Vonage worth it?


A quick survey of Vonage on Google and I find a wide variety of commentary. Some like it. Some don’t. Many appear to have the typical frustrations with customer service. Anyone have any first hand knowledge with Vonage?


  1. Yup my mom uses it and I used to be a competitor. VoIP is real and it works. But it only works as well as your internet connection. If you have solid internet, then you’ll have solid phone service. And you can’t beat $25/mo. Even if you don’t use long distance a landline will cost you more than that.

    Oh and did I mention TEO will support Click to Call in Vonage?

  2. I myself have had very little problems with the service. If you have a good broadband service, cable or DSL, it works great.

    I have recently moved to an area where the only broadband service I can get is wireless broadband (384K – 1MB) and the latency is so bad that Vonage, nor any other VOIP solution, will not work. Which is too bad as I love the low flat rate.

  3. Thanks. It sounds like it comes down to the quality of the broadband connection.

    Perry, I’ve used Skype with EVDO and it’s OK in a crisis–when there’s no other way to connect, but it’s not that great. The latency makes the call uncomfortable. I do use Skype, however, all the time with my Cox cable/WiFi connection at home.

  4. I have not personally tried Vonage but do have Lingo, another VOIP carrier. I have to say that it is great. I have Verizon DSL and the VOIP has been great. Lingo is only $20/Mo and includes unlimited Free long distance to anywhere in the US and much of western Europe. I am sold on VOIP service. You can talk as long as you want. It is great.

  5. I have been using Vonage for 10 months and except for a rare reboot of my router, I have had no problems. Vonage VOIP works great for me.

  6. Vonage is extemely worth every penny. The quality of service I do agree is dependent on the broadband service. At the time I signed up for Vonage I had Verizon for local and long distance. I decided to get rid of Verizon all together and go Vonage full-force. It took nearly 3 months before I was totally set free of traditional phone service. Now I am enjoying the great low Vonage rates and exceptional phone service. Plus I can take my Vonage phone adapter to any place with broadband and use my service when I am traveling.