Google to open Phoenix office


It’s all over the local news this morning: Google is opening a development office here in the Phoenix area.

Word is that it’ll be located in Tempe and will focus on developing an online auction service. I wonder if it’ll involve the rumored payment services too. The state has been active in the past in recruiting related businesses. Fingers crossed.

Rumors are that Google will be hiring a “few hundred Phoenetians.” Cool.

The official announcement is to come this morning.


  1. So far all the job postings they’ve made have been for IT and operations type positions. The typical kind of boring tech jobs that AZ seems to be becoming known for. I’ll be really surprised if Google brings any product development work to Arizona even though I really, really hope they do. It might kick some life into our sad little tech industry.

  2. Me too. I hope they bring core development positions here too. There’s definitely the talent.

    Interestingly the couple other local developers that I talked with today all had the same response you did. We’ll have to see how this pans out.