Profile of Teachers in the U.S. 2005


Emily Feistritzer, President, National Center for Education Information released the Profile of Teachers in the U.S. 2005.

The report summarizes a national survey of teachers, showing aging, increasingly female force, planning to retire soon, and opposed to school reforms.

The teaching force, since we first started surveying teachers two decades ago, has been pretty ‘steady as she goes’, said Feistritzer…

They feel very competent in several aspects of teaching, including the subject matter they are teaching. They think “one’s own teaching experience” is the most important variable in developing competence to teach...

Forty percent of the current public school teaching force expects not to be teaching five years from now...

Feistritzer added, That is all about to change very soon with a rapidly aging population of teachers who are retiring at increasing rates and who are increasingly being replaced by adults coming into teaching from other careers, who view education and teaching quite differently.

I did not see references to use of electronic tools such as a Tablet PC in schools.