Windows Vista Beta 1 is not for tech enthusiasts


CNet interviews Jim Alchin on today’s release of Windows Beta 1. My big takeaway? Keep my expectations in order. This seems to be consistent with Spencer’s comments that from what he saw in last week’s Longhorn Lab that he “was not extremely impressed with it’s [Beta 1] current state.”

In the interview, Jim Alchin plays down expectations and suggests that Beta 1 is really targetted to “bitheads.” Eh, not exactly sure who this is supposed to be. Driver writers? System service folks? He does say who it doesn’t include: Tech enthusiasts and consumers. And he suggests that an incremental developer build is coming during the PDC 05 timeframe. I’m guessing developers are actually included as bitheads–but I’m guessing. I’m confused.

Scoble–who is an uber tech enthusiast–however, is a bit more enthusiastic via some reverse-psychology: “Seriously, why would anyone give us buzz over increased security, a new networking stack, a new API set, new integrated search, or a cooler/easier to use user interface? (They all shipped today as part of Beta 1, Chris gave us a demo).”

Sorry Scoble. I’m going with Jim Alchin on this one. As a tech enthusiast my expectations are low. I expect this to be a DNA build, if you will, that sets the foundation for things to come.