Poetry and Standardized Educational Achievement Testing


Susan Ohanian objects to the use of poems in standardized tests. She’s among those who call for slow-schools.

Apparently, she rejects the assumption that school students should know and take tests on the mechanics of poetry. She’s compiling examples of these (ab)uses.

As a way to get through required English and literature classes in school, I learned to understand some mechanics, not interpretations or sensibilities of poets. I’m glad I memorized and stood in front of classes (as required) reciting poetry that I learned mechanically. It was a standardized exercise for our schools.

My recitations must have be awful for my teachers to hear. But I’m glad they insisted on memorization. Now I can enjoy poetry more like my teachers wanted, for their simple reflective beauty about life.

Hurray for standardized testing about poetry. Now, let’s see, how can we use a Tablet PC to support poetic mechanics?