Google co-founder new graduate advice: “Start small. Think big.”


Here’s a recording (by Adam Herscher using his Windows Smart Phone) of a graduation speech Google co-founder Larry Page. A couple good tidbits. [via Slashdot]

Larry talks about the early days of Google, taking risks, and of allowing innovation to “start small” although at the same time pursue big ideas because you’ll find them easier to achieve in that you’ll be able to persuade other people to join the effort.

He also suggests that engineers not bother with going to business school and read business books instead. I agree partly. If you’re just going for a degree, I see his point. But if there’s something unique in the program, it may give you an opportunity to meet new people that’ll have a critical impact on your future endeavors. Business is in large part about relationships.

He also talks about Google’s efforts to be an engineering company and to be ethical–two things which I imagine are challenging to maintain when there’s lots of money being tossed around.