How’s my keyword ranking?


James Kendrick posts how his blog is #5 in Google for the keywords “mobile tech.” Cool.

I imagine a lot of us check for search ranking like this. Besides Google, I also keep track of search ranking on MSN Search. It’s very interesting to see how MSN Search and Google rank pages differently.

Makes me think. Wouldn’t it be great if MSN Search had a service where we could get a list of all keyword combinations where a given URL appeared in the top ten search results for those keywords? Essentially a type of reverse search. Many of us bloggers and site publishers are doing this manually now. A service would be a great timesaver. For practicality sake, I guess we could work from a subset of all keyword and keyword combinations. Hmm. Would an easy-to-use service make it too easy for companies to game the system? I hope the benefit would outweigh this potential downside.