MotionEase extracts movement


A local Arizona State University (ASU) research project in extracting human movement from video streams grows into a business. Interesting project. Of course, I’m biased. Not only did I attend ASU, but computer vision is one of my “fun areas” that grew out of an interest in Robotics.

Extracting human movement isn’t new–you’ve seen actors taped up with ping-pong balls ready for their motion to be visually captured and extracted–but I take it that MotionEase is trying to make it practical and accessible to a broader market. One step in that direction is to remove the need for special rigs and cameras. I’m guessing good, controlled lighting and distinguishable features will still be a neccessity though. Constraining the problem–whether it’s processing ink on the Tablet PC or extracing data from video streams–can greatly simplify things.

Can’t wait to see how their product line grows.

What do you think Buzz, could this be the birth of a future Demo God in DEMO’s technology section?