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Carpeting–especially carpeting with thick, soft padding–is not encouraged at this conference. Huh? Cause it’s RoboNexus and it’s filled with Robots that like smooth, hard floors 🙂

Held Thursday thruough Saturday this past week in Santa Clara, RoboNexus is the largest Robot convention around. JD Lasica has some pictures here.

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Harry McCracken of PC World says of RoboNexus: “The atmosphere reminded me of the very early days of personal computers in the 1970s. Back then, computer fans tended to be folks who did their own soldering and wrote their own hexidecimal code, and it was an accomplishment when a PC did anything at all, let alone anything useful. But you sort of had the feeling that personal computers were on the cusp of something big.

PC Magazine: Read why Deam Kamen, who gave the keynote speech, is angry.

CNet: Robot promoters look to Social Security set

ZDNet: iRobot readies for war–and the household

Pre-event coverage from San Jose Mercury News: “The conference seeks to educate Silicon Valley about the state of robotics, inspire students and serve as a forum for business leaders to learn more about an emerging industry.”

One more important point to mention: The RoboNexus team did a great job of organizing the event. Most notably they made it an inclusive event and brought together Robot manufacturers, researchers, developers, hobbyists, and the curious. And they made it all accessible by organizing the event so it overlapped the weekend and they kept the price down. A full fare, 3-day show pass was a tad high at $595 for a “user” event, although one day passes were available and daily expo passes were $20 (and several free passes were floating around too). They also kept the conference in a relatively inexpensive and easy area to get in and out of. Great job. Wish I could have made it. It’s on my list for next year.


  1. Laren,

    Thanks for the review. I am President of Robotics Trends, the company that produced RoboNexus. Just to let you know, we are bringin the event back to the Valley next Fall and increasing its size 2x. It wil be really cool.

    Dan Kara