CEO mud-wrestling


At D, Walt Mossberg encouraged the tech CEOs to take jabs at each other. Here’s a run-down on who hates who:

Gates hates Google
Jobs hates HP, Dell, Gateway, etc
Fiorina hates Dell (and pities Sun)
Rollins hates HP (and R&D)
Ellison hates Gates

It’s interesting how people see their competition. Or does it indicate the differences that people have grown to accept with their rivals? Will Ellison never achieve the dominate breadth of Gates? Or does Dell accept that it can’t innovate itself out of a problem? Or will Fiorina’s HP only dream of the mass distribution of Dell? Or Jobs the production savings of a Windows box cloner? Or Microsoft the consumer respect of a Google user?

[From David Hornick’s VentureBlog via Scoble’s link blog]