Photos with maps?


Programs are popping up everywhere to share photos via email or over the Internet. Many of these are timeline based–which makes a lot of sense. But sometimes I’d also like to know where the photo was taken. I’m wondering, does anyone know of an application that can overlay maps (temporarily) in a viewer? A map-augmented photo might look like this:


I imagine there’s a program out there that does this.

I’m looking for something simple, with not much more complexity than say PhotoStory. Seems like I should be able to walk through each photo within a wizard, type in a location or drill down to it’s location in a map (wouldn’t it be cool if cameras auto-captured GPS info too?), select a map style, and then generate a slide show.

(Searching for something like this is a bit tricky I’ve found. I don’t know quite the right words to use in Google so I’m finding a lot of stuff I’m not interested in. And, who knows, I might have tripped across the right program, but read right past it.)


  1. I’ve read that there are some digital cameras that allow you to connect a GPS and it will save the info in the EXIF header. I’m not sure what cameras are able to do it.

  2. Matt, Thanks for the link. I had taken a quick look at WWMX, but I have to admit I didn’t dig very far. My first impression was that it was a community photo-posting site. I’ll look again.

  3. Rick, I see from Google that Kodak had a GPS camera/camera system for awhile, but I’m not sure now. A GPS-equipped camera sure sounds like a winning capability to me.

  4. RE: WWMX. Using the client application, you can add photos, and it will create a PhotoStory with a map overlay showing your geographic path.