Cartoon blogging test



I’ve been drawing so many cartoons for this blog, that I decided to write a Tablet PC app to help me out…and here’s the first post.

UsingCartoonBlogger.gifThe program, which I’ve dubbed CartoonBlogger (screenshot at right), has bits and pieces of a couple other programs I’ve posted here. For instance, the blogging part is derived from WebcamNotes and part of the layer logic comes from InkPlayer.

CartoonBlogger is currently overly simple and needs to be beefed up in terms of layering and object manipulation. Right now the layering is “hardcoded” to three and a half layers: the background, drawing, and captions with the cell frames optionally being drawn on top or bottom. (That’s where the 1/2 comes in.)

I’m guessing that as I improve the layers here that I’ll finally have them solved for InkPlayer too–something that’s stalled my development with it.

Well, this was just a fun post. I’ll tinker some more with CartoonBlogger as time permits and as the need arises. As a non-cartoonist/artist this was a blast to write. Wow, Tablet PCs are fun!