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Apple March 8, 2022 Event

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Eastman files motion for exculpatory information and continuance

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February 2022 Employment Report

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New Server: CentOS 7, PHP7, Faster CPUs, and SSD

Matt W from Matt W Services has hosted Tux Reports for almost a year. His backend work has been phenomenal and instrumental in keeping this site pushing out the bits.

A few days ago we discussed how to improve the performance of the site and decided to move to a new server in order to embrace some of the newer software versions as a means to decrease loading times.

Old server loading times on the XenForo main forum page:

Timing: 0.7881 seconds
Memory: 16.339 MB
DB Queries: 72

Load times can exceed 30s based on location. For example, Pingdom Tools shows load times of 30.19s from Stockholm, Sweden.

Our New Server

New Server

CentOS7 will be the Linux distribution of choice, with NGINX and MariaDB 10.1 pushing out the PHP and SQL. The CentOS Linux distribution is derived from the sources of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL).

MariaDB relational database system is an open source database evolved from MySQL. MariaDB 10.1 includes Parallel Slave Replication, Multi-source Replication and Roles Based Access Control. MariaDB 10.1 is distributed under the GPL v2 license.

Loading times with the new server :

Timing: 0.1024 seconds
Memory: 8.975 MB
DB Queries: 78

There are some pages now loading below 0.04 seconds and this is without a caching plugin installed on the WordPress side. We hope you enjoy the server as much as we love it.


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6 years ago

The speed of this website is fantastic. Debug is showing timing of 0.02 in some portions of the site. The WordPress side is screaming with loads under 1 second in some posts. Great job [USER=23149][/USER] !

6 years ago

Was something special done to show the timing, memory, queries in the footer? Why doesn’t that show on the WordPress side?

6 years ago

[QUOTE=”Albert, post: 1940991, member: 14684″]Was something special done to show the timing, memory, queries in the footer? Why doesn’t that show on the WordPress side?[/QUOTE]
those stats are from the XenForo footer while Debug is enabled.

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