Iowa Caucus: 24 hours Until Bachmann Loss


Michelle Bachmann won the Iowa straw poll but don’t expect her to have a strong showing tomorrow during the Iowa Caucus. In fact, she’s predicting a low voter turn out to hide the reality that most people will not vote for her: She’s a single issue candidate and a member of the House. Mrs. Bachmann’s campaign has been in turmoil since Ed Rollins left – and the Iowa caucus will show she is not electable.

No worries, we have not elected a member of the House directly into the White House, right? Abraham Lincoln was a member of the House but he was absent for several years prior to winning the election. John Q. Adams actually became a member of the House after his presidency. Let’s not forget Mr. Ford – who was appointed Vice President.

Who do you think will win? Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, or Newt Gingrich are all contenders. Some news stations have been talking up Rick Santorum as a possible winner. For some, this caucus will be about anyone but Romney. For others, this will be about anyone but Ron Paul.

Wisconsin Live Feed


I’m tired of searching for news and only getting opinions on what is or is not happening in Wisconsin. Here is a live feed.

People 0: Corporations 4


If you aren’t keeping track of the legislation coming out of Washington, D.C. then you are probably not aware that you’ve been screwed. Four chances to change government “for the people” have been thwarted by lobbyists paid by insurance companies, wall street executives, oil companies, and now the military industrial complex.

In all of their infinite wisdom, Congress removed a jobs bill portion of funding and decided to pass a war funding bill. Apparently, jobs are not as important as war. But, the damage doesn’t stop there. Only an idiot cannot see that this administration and congress favor corporations over the people of the United States.

First, congress votes to hand over billions to corporations that were gambling and caused a recession. Next, insurance companies were handed 30 million new clients but this is little to nothing compared to the fact that oil companies have continued to rule the land and sea. And while this happened, the military complex grew larger and sucked up more and more money.

When is enough, enough? When are people going to realize that social issues have been used to draw attention away from important monetary issues? For example, this week, attention has been on “Don’t ask, Don’t Tell” – all the while congress votes on a funding bill to send more troops to a war our president promised he’d end. Worse, the jobs portion of the funding bill is cut.

You and I have only one hope – to vote out these bastards in November. All incumbents must be sent home packing. All of them.

But be careful not to vote in a larger idiot. This is the mistake that the Tea party and Republican evangelists hope you make during this coming election. Instead, study the actual proposed policies of candidates. Remove the emotive language and figure out (as best you can) how the person would vote. If they would vote for a corporation over you – don’t give them your vote.

Extenders Bill Expands Confusion; Lobbyists Win Again


Republicans are prepared to vote against a funding bill for the military. They are also prepared to allow 300,000 teachers to lose their jobs across the nation. Interestingly, Democrats are also ready to vote against the military and teachers. Why? investment fund managers are targeting extender bills that would fund the military and save thousands of teachers’ jobs.

Iowa Democrat Sen. Tom Harkin told NPR “I have no Republicans who want to vote for it, they’d just as soon see 300,000 teachers laid off next year, I guess,” Harkin told NPR. In response, Republican Roger Wicker of Mississippi told the station that deficit concerns trump all else and that students can make do in bigger classes. “There are measures available to state governors like increasing class size, like foregoing salary increases,” said Wicker.

I realize it is simple minded to suggest a simple fix – remove the lobbyists. This simple idea would actually allow politicians to act as civil servants rather than people who sell their votes to the highest bidder.

Divide and Conquer


The Latin divide et impera is emblematic of the United States political system. Social issues such as abortion, religion, gay-rights, and inequalities are used as tools to divide citizens so that they do not rise up and demand politicians act in the best interest of the citizens. False dichotomies are touted as paramount issues of the day – repeated so that the sane become true non-thinking believers of the party.

Avoiding the rituals of false advertisers, parsing vocabulary, hyperbolic measures of unessentials – this site is about bringing everyone together. Can rational human beings put aside the talking points and decide what is best for our nation?

The national debt crisis, the economic woes of so many unemployed, the desperate nature of men, women, and children without health insurance, children going hungry, politicians telling us untruthful statements so that they can take money from lobbying groups — these are all divisive issues. But they don’t need to be if we find common ground.

Let the fools stay within the confines of flaming, chanting ritualized talking points, and slurs against another human being. Instead, you need to leave the insanity behind. See the political system as it is – a joke so that others may take your money.

Welcome to the newly redesigned Insane Politics. Hopefully you are persuaded to become a member, share your views, openly read and debate the viewpoints from opposing parties. After all, there are real reasons to fight – to fight for freedom.