Innovation Club in High School


Students, have you considered starting an Innovation Club at your high school? Tableteer students and teachers are acting as innovators in schools. You may find common ground with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Innovation Club members. Who knows, such a club might provide a logical and practical step toward admission to MIT.

Mirroring MIT’s motto of “mens et manus” (“mind and hand”), the MIT Innovation Club seeks to understand innovation as a science and practice of generating and implementing new ideas.

Club helps members generate innovative ideas, commercialize new technologies, and develop skills that can make a difference between success and failure in business. They balance intellectual and practical efforts and tout that their focus makes them the Club about “where ideas come from.”

Your local club might emphasize the innovative ideas and new technologies part, expecially developing skills about how to use new ideas and tech in business and for learning.

Michael Osofsky helped found the club. He continues searching for idea sources. He offers intriguing features about idea sources, most recently about Open Innovation in organizations. Although he focuses on businesses, it seems a small step to transfer his points to ways to bring about change in schools, including adding mobile PCs to instruction and learning practices.

It’s an idea. My suggestion for an Innovation Club at your school grew out of reading Osofsky’s website and knowing that many young people use cutting edge technologies before adults even know they exist. An IClub seems a natural bridge between the two, especially for students interested in engineering and business.

Maybe you can work out an affiliation with the MIT club. It’s at least worth a try, after you get your club of one, two, or so student members organized on your campus with a faculty sponsor. You might also find a business person or two to co-sponsor your club.

For more information about the MIT Innovation Club, check out their site and participate in their activities

Let us know how your club develops! Many people will want to know. We wish you luck to go with your effort.