Unanswered Questions about Learning and Education


To no one’s surprise, a learners’ view (ALV) raises and leaves unanswered questions about learning and education. They expose behavioral and social scientists to the realm of metaphysics, not their favorite exposure.

Philosophers have wrestled with such unanswered questions for eons. Their questions go to the core of what it means to exist, to be human, why people learn, and what people learn?

We introduced a page that contains a list of these questions. The first entry, by Albert Einstein, raises the question, ”What knowledge is pure thought able to supply independently of sense perception?” This question speaks to the validity of codifying observable, social patterns, as does ALV, that people use while teaching-learning. At the same time, nothing occurs in raising Einstein’s question that invalidates or reduces the value of applying ALV to increase learning. His questions remains a cloud over all teaching-learning and schooling.

Perhaps you have a favorite unanswered question about learning or education that you’ll share, so we can add it to this list.