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XenForo 2 XenWord Pro 2017.11.10 is available for download


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The latest alpha version of XenWord Pro 2017 is now available. This is probably the last alpha and the next release will have bug fixes and addition of a few minor features. Yes, after almost 8 months, XenWord Pro 2017 is getting closer to being finished.

Thanks for Jeremy P on the XenForo forums, XenForo replies are written properly to WordPress and WordPress comments are written to the XenForo thread.

This version also includes the comment counts, the author links as well as the Top Poster widget.

( 13 ) 2017.11.10 - November 10, 2017
Tested with XenForo 2 RC1
XF2 Comment counts are now pulled from XenForo 2
XF2 Comments from WordPress are posted to XenForo 2
XF2 Thread replies are posted to WordPress Comments
XF2 Author files are connected and functional
XF2 Wrapped conditionals for enabling / disabling XenWord systems
XF2 Top Posters Widget functional
Bug Fix: XF1 Conflict with declaring certain XF addons
Bug Fix: XF2 Line 26 in Groups.php

It's time to beat this version up heavily. The major features are now present. A few widgets are missing and conditionals are incomplete.