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XenWord Pro 2017 XenWord Pro 2017.11.07 is available for download


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The latest iteration of XenWord Pro 2017 is available for download. This is an alpha version. It is not recommended to run this on a live site.

Significant changes happened on the legacy side. The legacy/ directory is now anchored to the namespace Legacy. Duplicate files and unused files were removed.

( 12 ) 2017.11.06 - November 6, 2017
Tested with WordPress 4.9-RC1-42115 (XenWord now works with Gutenberg)
Updated Redux Framework to
Common CSS and images between XF1 and XF2 bridge files
XF1 Added legacy/ to namespace and rebuilt legacy files (Huge change)
XF1 Removed branding and using XF2 code
XF2 Refactored members system
XF2 Added text option for the online widget
XF2 Comment system files are present but not functional
Bug Fix: Fixed Thread link in legacy all post page.
Bug Fix: Undefined Index for Redux Framework options.

Known Issue: This version is running on this site. It is known that certain widgets are conflicting with XenForo addons. Please let me know if you figure out what is causing the issue, and report any addons which conflict. The more information gathered then it's easier to figure out how to fix the problem.

Please post all feedback in the XenWord Pro 2017 Suggestions Forum.