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XenForo 1 XenWord 3.5.1 is being tested


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Some customers are turning off the add users to the WordPress database. This concerns me because the bridge is based on the XenForo user ID and matching it to a WordPress user ID. This means if a WordPress user ID doesn't exist then a null is returned, causing errors in comments, login, and several other places.

I've reworked the code to get it so that a XenForo user is "logged in" to WordPress; however, the comment area is going to be a mess.

Please let me know if you'd like a copy to test and I'll send it to your Inbox.

( 135 ) 3.5.1 - October 7, 2017
Upgraded Redux Framework v3.6.7.7
Rewrote check user to use get_userdata instead of the sql statement
Rename check_user method to check_user_exists
Rewrote class-xenword-add_users_to_wp.php to WordPress and login conditionals
Change comment argument array to include unapproved comments (which can lead to duplicate comment message).
Constructor changed to private in Posts.php


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Basically, if you want to turn off the writing of the XenForo user to the database then WordPress comments must be shut off. Comments in WordPress must be off because the user doesn’t exist in WordPress.