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XenForo 1 XenWord Changelog

Discussion in 'XenWord Development Archives' started by LPH, Nov 23, 2014.

  1. LPH

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    XenWord was installed on this network a few minutes ago. Here are the changes.
    • Code Change: Support for SSL. $protocol changed in xenword-users.php and xenword-avatars.php
    • Updated Read This First section to include widget information
    • Updated INSTALL-UPGRADE.txt instructions
    • Updated Roadmap
    • Changed all != 0 to > 0 (6 occurrences in 4 files)
    • xenword_show_columns function: changed to canonical in xenword-thread-link.php
    • show_link_thread_id function: changed to canonical in xenword-thread-link.php
    • display_comments_in_wp: changed to switch
    • Renamed widgets for consistency
    • Tested with WordPress 4.1-beta2-30508 and 4.1-beta2-30527
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