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WMP12 not converting to a max level

Discussion in 'Windows Media' started by zzdpmjpr, Feb 11, 2010.

  1. zzdpmjpr

    zzdpmjpr Flightless Bird

    I am running WMP12 under win7.
    When I set a a maximum quality level (192Kbps)in the device properties for
    synching a sansa clipp Iget the error msg below when I try to sync wma
    lossless files. In fact I get the error for any files over 192Kbps.

    Your device requires that this file be converted in order to play on
    the device. However, the device either does not support playing
    audio, or Windows Media Player cannot convert the file to an audio
    format that ¡s supported by the device.
    [ Close ] [ WebHelp ] The web help has no further information

    I have also tried synching a USB stick and the same thing happens.

    Does anybody have any ideas what might be preventing the conversion.
    Many thanks

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