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Windows XP Pro as a file/media server

Discussion in 'Windows XP' started by TMA, May 5, 2010.

  1. TMA

    TMA Flightless Bird

    I have a few questions about setting up XP Pro to be a file/media server:

    1) Is there a way to password protect all my shared items (ie. printer,
    partitions and folders) so others in the home network will have to type a
    password in order to access the items? I managed to share a folder in XP,
    but then Win7 just opened it and never asked for a password.

    2) If the above answer is yes, then is there a way to make that password
    permanent in each pc?

    3) Is it possible to share an old usb scanner from HP (Scanjet 2400), also
    password protected, without the use of paid software?

    4) I have a ENLTV-FM2 TV Tuner card installed and working properly. How can
    I stream its video/audio with the possibility to change the channels over
    the network? I am assuming that for this task I will need some third-party
    software, no problem with that, can anyone point me a good one? I tried
    webcamXP which almost does what I want, only it doesn't stream the audio and
    it doesn't let the end user change the channels.

    This "home" network that I have here is quite big and has win7, xp, linux
    and mac computers.

    I know MS has other solutions for that, like Windows Home Server (or
    something like that), or Windows 7 which is much more media capable. But I
    don't really want to go to these solutions because 1st my processor is just
    a celeron 1.6 with 1gb of ram (and I don't plan to upgrade anytime soon) and
    2nd I want to also keep other servers for development use (ie. MySQL and
    Oracle databases and ftp and http server, etc). I'm not so sure of the
    compatibility between WHS and these servers, and I don't really wanna look.

    Thanks in advance.

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