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Windows Installer Runs / Show Office as a "Hybrid"

Discussion in 'Microsoft Office' started by M Guyder, Mar 16, 2010.

  1. M Guyder

    M Guyder Flightless Bird

    I am having serveral issues. All started when I noticed my Start menu button
    was lagging for at least 30 sec before expanding, and/or whenever I click on
    an office program the Windows Installer would run, and then try to re
    install/config Office, but as a Hyrid program.

    I have uninstalled and reinstalled and nothing has been fixed, just made
    worse. I have associated my Excel file with the office program. I click on
    the file IE excel file, and as it opens the Config screen pops up. I cancel
    it. I get an error message that I should repair/restore the program. The
    file continues to open. I then get another error message when I am opening
    Excel "Stdole32.tlb" Excel is the only one I could associated. Cannot find
    the others.

    I have to open the program thru Start Menu/Programs/Microsoft I get the
    Windows Installer, and the it says it is configiring Microsoft Office Prof
    2007 Hybrid. Then goes to the blue Office Config screen, I cancel. Access
    the error reads "cannot find Language DLL msain900.dll and does not open.
    Publisher goes thru the same nonsense and doesn't open,

    The start button is also still lagging.

    I have also run the Office Diagnostics and it tells me to tick of the
    "Download a file periodically, etc". It is already done.
    M Guyder

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