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Windows DVD Maker and Windows 7


Dave \Crash\ Dummy

Flightless Bird
Windows 7 is not supposed to come with Windows DVD Maker. I have
Windows 7 Ultimate x64 installed. So why do I have DVD Maker on my

A little history. I bought my computer used with Vista installed, but no
disks. Windows 7 was released shortly after, so I didn't really get
familiar with Vista. I never looked for DVD Maker. I had to leave Vista
installed long enough to qualify for the W7 update version, but I specified
a "clean" install. I don't know what, if any, of Vista carried forward.

On the other hand, the DVD Maker I have installed with Windows
7 is a 64 bit program (Vista was 32 bit) and the mod dates for the files
are the same as the mod dates for the other Windows 7 system files and
the W7 installation disk.

I know it is the same DVD Maker described in the Vista literature, and I
know it works. So what gives?


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~ Otto von Bismarck ~

Dave \Crash\ Dummy

Flightless Bird
Slap wrote:
> "Dave "Crash" Dummy" <invalid@invalid.invalid> wrote in message
> news:fydGn.1265$gv4.1064@newsfe09.iad...
>> Windows 7 is not supposed to come with Windows DVD Maker.

> Who told you that? You have been hearing things. The truth...
> http://www.online-tech-tips.com/windows-7/windows-7-dvd-maker-tutorial/

Yeah, I discovered that shortly after I posted. I canceled the message,
but I guess not fast enough. :)


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