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Windows cannot print due to a problem with the current setup


Jon Dow

Flightless Bird
I cannot print from any MS office 2007 application on either printer I have
(Xerox and HP). This leads me to believe it is an MS Office problem and not a
problem with the printers and/or companies. I have a new computer running Win
7 64 bit and I can print from any application that is not Office (Adobe,
Photoshop…) I get this error message: “Windows cannot print due to a problem
with the current setupâ€

It then gives some standard things to try (check the cable, check the
spool..) but none of them work. I have seen many other posts from other users
that have said they have a similar problem but primarily with a specific
program such as Word but not across all MS Office programs.

Please-does anybody have any ideas? I have to save everything as a PDF file
and then print. That is a pain and I need to get this fixed. Please help.

Every post I see on the internet has someone from MS saying to post the
question in this forum without giving an answer. So I am doing just that.

Thanks. Jon