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Windows Active Directory Interview Questions


Shenan Stanley

Flightless Bird
Cherry wrote:
> Here i have gathered some of the most important interview questions
> on Windows Active Directory Services. These are related to Windows
> 2003 AD environment. Please click on the following link to see
> them
> http://www2.isupp0rty0u.net/2o1o/o7/s0me-wind0ws-active-direct0y-interview.html

But it's 2010 and Windows Server 2008 has been out for a while, with changes
even in the R2 releases to AD choices. While there may still be people
(many) using the older servers - I would rather hire someone that can bring
my company up to date than somebody who can keep me behind the times as I am
already. *shrug*

Shenan Stanley
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