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Will New Program Increase Learning

Discussion in 'General Education Discussions' started by Robert Heiny, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. Robert Heiny

    Robert Heiny Research Scientist of Learning and Education Flight Instructor

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    Pearson and Knowton will release a program that personalizes courses for each student. It will combine aspects of Pearson's MyLab/Mastering courses in developmental mathematics, developmental English, and developmental writing with Knewton's Adaptive Learning Platform, which personalizes courses for each student.

    Pearson said the MyLab/Mastering products had 9 million student registrations in 2011.

    Companies announced the partnership in November 2011. The announcement of the new product came during the Consumer Electronics Show Higher Ed Tech Summit in Las Vegas last week.

    How will an educator know before purchasing it, if this new program will increase learning? And if it does, why can those increases happen without the program?

    This development is interesting, because it infringes another step into territory that teachers have traditionally claimed as theirs: assessing, adapting and instructing lessons that increase learning.

    Given the development of this product, P and K must see a potential profit in it.

    What is the profit per unit of increased learning compared with the school using that same profit to increase those units without the new program?

    Does this new program mean that even more teachers have shifted from public sector classrooms to working for private sector profits to do the same things but with new so called 21st century gadgets?

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