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Will a high price harm new tablet sales?


Flight Director
Flight Instructor
Let's face it - the world is still suffering from high unemployment. There are pockets of success but mainly disposable income is not high. Therefore - will a high price block the sale of Windows 8 based tablets?

For some - the short answer is yes.

For me - I am looking forward to buying a new tablet. Why? Blame Promethean.

My classroom is now driven by student quiz results. There is a traditional lecture. This is followed by a worksheet and POGIL lab. Finally, the kids take a short quiz. If the results are poor then we start over.

This means I am tied to ActivInspire. While there is ActivEngage available on the iPad, ActivInspire is only on a Windows based PC. Development of my lessons is strictly Windows based.

Sorry Apple and Linux fans but the apps define the sale. In this case, Microsoft Windows wins.
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