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Why Don't People Learn?

Robert Heiny

Research Scientist of Learning and Education
Flight Instructor
Why Don't People Learn?

People learn continuously. Observers do not always use a view of life that permits seeing, hearing, and in other ways sensing learning as it occurs.

Using a learners' view (ALV) to observe daily life allows observers to sense people learn something every moment until they die. People don't seem to live without learning. Learning is a way of defining life. (Yes, that's a broad generalization, perhaps even an unintended philosophical statement. But it appears consistent at least as anecdotal evidence assembled from a wide range of experimental empirical behavioral studies.)

Learning consists of seeking patterns of behavior to use in order to resolve daily problems, such as finding a pencil to write a shopping list; shelter during a thunderstorm on an open plain or while standing on the roof of an apartment building; controlling panic in an out of control car; massaging a newborn to take its first breath.

From a learners' view, learning is to social activity as oxygen is to biology.

Learning is to social activity as oxygen is to biology. (ALV T-Shirt Wisdom)