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What is the most important feature of the new Wintabs?


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As the October 26 date nears, new Windows 8 based tablets are being leaked, pre-announced, or discussed by the blogosphere. Today's news comes from Lenovo and an expected price of $799 for the ThinkPad Tablet 2.

I was a big fan of the UMPC. This was a pre-iPad device and had great potential. Unfortunately, the processors were too slow for good use in the classroom. More important, the lack of a video port meant relying on the USB and a USB-Video connector to get the devices hooked up to a data projector. Years later- and the Wintabs are looking like adding accessories will be through the USB.Other ideas found on the Lenovo webpage.
  • Extreme Mobility
  • Desktop and Windows 8 Apps
  • Full MS Office Support
  • Protected Sharing
  • Multiple Displays
  • Full-sized USB
  • Corporate Compatibility
  • Optional Digitizer Pen

Is this enough to get your excited? Personally, I want to ask just one question - will it be easy to generate AND consume content?

The Apple iPad is nice for consumption of content. It's a nice companion device. The onscreen keyboard and Siri (new iPad) improve the device but blogging is still not easy. I stopped even trying to administer the network with the iPad - it's just easier on this HP Pavilion notebook. Forget trying to use MS Office documents never mind using the Apple TV in the classroom because my wireless connection goes in and out as I move in the classroom.

My expectation is that the new Wintabs (Windows 8 based tablets) will target those of us yearning for more than just listening to Pandora, watching YouTube videos, or reading emails. No, I'm hoping Asana can be used too. I'm wanting full MS Office documents. I'm wanting my Promethean ActivInspire to work.

What feature is important to you? What will cause you to give up the hard earned cash and pay for a new Wintab?
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Robert Heiny

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I hope you get your wishes, especiallysince you were the first or at least one of the first reviewers and one of the first users of Windows based Tablets back in 2003.