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What is ALV?


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Robert Heiny submitted a new blog post:

What is ALV?

A Learners' View (ALV) is the Straightest and Fastest Path with the Least Number of Steps to Learning, the Oxygen Of Social Life.

ALV is short for a learners' view. Both names refer to a Learning Efficiency Analysis Paradigm (aLEAP), a technical description of a point of view of learners that is different from views of parents, teachers, bankers, and others interested in teaching and learning.

Each name refers to the same point of view for people more familiar with one kind of name over another. For example, ALV emphasizes ways teachers apply this view to increase learning. aLEAP emphasizes technical descriptions and relationships among parts of this view for those who assess and study learning.

ALV is a point of view learners use to choose what to watch, hear, and in other ways sense and then act to fix or solve a problem, such as those in lessons teachers instruct. Emphasis is on choices from among options, such as a learner will likely pay attention to large objects before small ones, red before blue colors. ALV and aLEAP feature a map of relationships among these choices.

Scientists revealed this view and its parts during more than a century of experimental behavioral research. They asked learners to make choices among specific options in and out of schools as scientists described and tested parts of this view.

Students of teachers who use this view plan and instruct lessons raise academic performance promptly and sometimes dramatically.

This view and these four names first appeared in early stages of development in TabletPCEducation.com, later renamed RobertHeiny.com, and then appeared together in Classic Education at EduClassics.com.
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