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What happened to Technology Questions?


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What happened? Ah - you noticed. Thank you.

We are excited to present a continued refinement of the Tux Reports Network. Near the end of 2011, we made radical changes to many of our sites by physically combining them into one network. We accelerated the work so that we could unveil the changes on January 1, 2012. Besides the physical server changes, all community forums were converted to XenForo. We even added many new topics and we allow you to use one login ID for all of the sites. Heck - the sign up is even easier!

We didn't finish the physical move for Technology Questions until yesterday (January 24, 2012). A nice hacker helped us make the move. Cough. To be clear, instead of trying to recover from a hacker running a script on an old WordPress plugin - we moved the site to its new home. The old content is on Tux Reports Tech.

Why the changes?

The new Q&A layout should help us keep to the site's goal. Yes - the layout needs some love. We'll get there. We always do. After all, Technology Questions was originally developed to ask and answer questions. The site moved away from this as we aggregated blog postings from our network of technology sites. We knew by the middle of last year that it was time to re-establish the site for the sole purpose of asking and answering questions about technology.

How do we define technology?

We will use the definition from Dictionary.com.

tech·nol·o·gy [tek-nol-uh-jee]
1. the branch of knowledge that deals with the creation and use of technical means and their interrelation with life, society, and the environment, drawing upon such subjects as industrial arts, engineering, applied science, and pure science.
2. the terminology of an art, science, etc.; technical nomenclature.
3. a technological process, invention, method, or the like.
4. the sum of the ways in which social groups provide themselves with the material objects of their civilization.

Emphasis is placed on "and their interrelation with life, society, and the environment" because we hope to move beyond "My computer doesn't work" to "Do Promethean Smart boards improve student learning?"

And there you have it - a new layout - a solid means to our goals - and we hope you enjoy the clarity.

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Welcome Technology Questions to a more visible location in the TuxReportsNetwork. I for one appreciate you adding it to the TuxReportsDebates.com. I get busy sometimes and forget even the existence of other blogs and information sources when I'm focusing on whatever I'm doing. Your realignment of blogs and sites makes life easier for me to learn what others say on more network sites.