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What about Teachers', Administrators', and Parents' Views?

Robert Heiny

Research Scientist of Learning and Education
Flight Instructor
What about Teachers', Administrators', and Parents' Views?

Teachers', administrators', and parents' views represent what they do about someone else learning something. These views represent generalizations about learning, not the technical details that behavioral scientists have described in experimental empirical research study reports of what learners do to learn.

Distinctions between these views and a learners' view (ALV) rest in differences between discussions about and descriptions of learning.

A learners' view (ALV) represents what learners do step by step to learn, likely irrespective of what others do with other views.

ALV makes learning happen. It includes ingredients learners use to transform into learning what others do.

The closer instruction of a lesson matches ALV, the more likely a learner will match what a teacher, administrator, or parent plan for learners to do.

To the extent that instruction, administrative rules, and parental activities do not match what learners do to learn, learners must search more for patterns they use to learn.

Behavioral scientists describe learning as a set of finite elements. Use of these elements appear constant, as do atoms, electrons, and a nucleus appear constant to specific physical elements such as water.

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