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Volunteer for Planet Hunt

Discussion in 'General Science Discussions' started by Robert Heiny, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. Robert Heiny

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    Planet Hunters seeks volunteers to help find undiscovered planets in the exoverse. This is an online experiment that taps into the power of human pattern recognition to find undiscovered planets in the exoverse. It appears that about half of the stars in the sky have planets.

    Participants in Planet Hunters are partners with scientists of the NASA Keplar team. NASA's Kepler spacecraft is one of the most powerful tools in the hunt for extrasolar planets.

    The human brain is inferred to be particularly good at discerning patterns or aberrations. Experiments have shown that when many people work together, the collective wisdom of the crowds can be better than an expert. This project relies on these assumptions to identify the extent to whether humans or the Kepler project machines identify more undiscovered planets.

    Yes, for real. That's the experiment as conducted by Planet Hunters in cooperatin with the Kepler team. Interested? You can work at home, so why not also in a classroom as volunteers searching for distinct undiscovered planets?

    Read more and register to volunteer.

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