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Volume control button on task bar

Discussion in 'Windows XP' started by jwtheman, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. jwtheman

    jwtheman Flightless Bird

    I am using Windows XP if it matters. On the right-hand bottom corner in the
    task bar, there is a volume control button. Click once and the volume
    control button appears. The volume increases as the slider bar is raised.
    When the bar is left-clicked a sound is heard to indicate the volume. The
    higher the bar is raised the louder the noise when the bar is clicked.

    Something happened to my bar so that now the only sound I hear when I click
    is the "mute" sound. It doesn't matter it I have "mute" checked or not. How
    do I fix that?


    This change happened after I installed "Audacity", a software that comes
    with a USB turntable. The turntable worked to record two songs, but quit
    working after that. The volume control button is the only change I can find.
    The turntable has been replaced and the new turntable doesn't work either.
    I can play all .wmv, .wav, mp3, and other files and hear sound, and the
    volume control bar works to control the volume when playing these type files.
    But I can get no sound from my turntable.


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