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Typesetting IPA symbol that's lowercase epsilon below tilde

Discussion in 'Apple Macintosh Hardware' started by Quentin Burward, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. Quentin Burward

    Quentin Burward Flightless Bird

    Can somebody suggest how I can persuade my Apple Macintosh computer to
    typeset the IPA symbol that's a lowercase epsilon with a tilde directly above
    it, _without_ using such fancy tricks as the kerning that's available in
    proper desktop-publishing programs such as QuarkXPress or Adobe InDesign? I
    want the symbol to work in Microsoft Word and on a webpage.

    For instance the 1991 edition of my Collins English Dictionary uses that
    symbol to show the vowel sound in "Prince" in what the dictionary says is the
    French pronunciation of "Port-au-Prince".

    The collection of "Phonetic Symbols" in the "Special Characters" section of
    my Mac system's "Edit" menu mentions just about all of the IPA symbols other
    than the one in question.

    Or is that symbol now obsolete in the IPA world? If it is, then I wonder
    which symbol has replaced it.

    (A few minutes ago I posted this to alt.macintosh. An afterthought means that
    I'm now posting it to comp.sys.macintosh.)



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