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TweakUI Changes Not Applying?

Discussion in 'Windows XP' started by John, Apr 13, 2010.

  1. John

    John Flightless Bird

    I used to use TweakUI to hide a drive containing some personal information.
    All of a sudden the drive is now showing in Windows Explorer. I've tried
    uninstalling it and reinstalling it and that didn't help. I also tried to
    hide it using the Registry Editor and adding a new DWORD "NoDrives" but that
    didn't work either. There was already one there, I assume from TweakUI so I
    deleted it and created a new one but the drive is still showing.

    What could have caused TweakUI to suddenly stop working? I had some weird
    issues with my BIOS, but shouldn't TweakUI still work?

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