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TRN May 26 Changelog

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by LPH, May 26, 2012.

  1. LPH

    LPH Flight Director Flight Instructor

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    Static Header
    The static header is now available to everyone who is logged into the system. Sorry, it was a mistake in the conditionals. It should now work.

    Layout Change: Portal is one column
    The portal has been changed to a single column instead of a small column off to the right. This helps direct the focus to the content. Sorry - but I'm looking for simplicity and not clutter.

    Color Change
    The portal color change includes substituting a green in place of the purple. The purple was just too harsh for my eyes and never looked right.

    Minimum height
    The forum post minimum height was changed to 200px. This accommodates shorter posts which were being cut off by the black bar.

    Media Size Changes
    YouTube videos were too small for the skin. They have now been changed to a custom size which fits the fixed-width skin.

    Forum Rearrangements
    (1) Since opening the new entertainment forums the other day, I've noticed it is a little challenging to get to them.

    (2) Links to the Tux Reports Announcement forums were unavailable. These have now been corrected by moving the forums to the Life & Style tab.

    I will keep tinkering today to fix any issues discovered. Please let us know if you find any others.
  2. LPH

    LPH Flight Director Flight Instructor

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    Oopsie !

    I see that the media size is rotten in XenPorta. They are great for the forum posts but not the front page.

    Update: Fixed by changing layout to one-column.
  3. tuxreporter

    tuxreporter Flight Instructors

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    The static header is now available when I am logged into the site. Good job!
  4. LPH

    LPH Flight Director Flight Instructor

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    Yes. It was an oversight on a conditional. Sorry about that.

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