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Top Tax Rates Compared to Per-Capita GDP Growth


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This following is an aggregation of top-end tax rates in America by decade and per-capita GDP growth in America per decade.

Average yearly, top-end tax rates in America, by decade:

1950s: 90.54%
1960s: 80.33%
1970s: 70.18%
1980s: 48.45%
1990s: 36.72%
2000s: 36.23%
2010s: 35.00%

Annualized, real, per-capita GDP growth in America, by decade:

1950s: 2.76%
1960s: 3.01%
1970s: 1.68%
1980s: 1.56%
1990s: 1.57%
2000s: 0.35%
2010s: 0.60%

Source: IRS, Bureau of Economic Analysis (www.bea.gov)

There are no causal relationships determined from these data. However, it is always good to see a historical perspective of tax rates and per-capita GDP. For example, the increase in per-capita GDP between the Bush and Obama presidency is noticeable. A comparison between 2000-20008 and 2009 - 2010 would be helpful.
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