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Time Card/Punch In-Out software for Macintosh


William R. Walsh

Flightless Bird
Hello all...

I'm writing today in search of information on "time card" software for
the Macintosh. Before I get too far, I hope this is an appropriate group
to direct this question. If it is not, I apologize in advance and would
appreciate being directed to the correct location. I'm asking this
question on behalf of someone else, whose expectations are that users
would be clocked in by powering their computer on or logging into it.
(Shutting down or logging out would clock them out.)

I find this rather absurd and unnecessarily complicated. The ways in
which it can break down seem to be myriad. A simple single purpose
punch-in/punch-out hardware device would be a better choice with less to
potentially go wrong. And I've said as much. The person asking insists
on proceeding his way.

But there's a catch...

Whatever software might be selected for this job must cope with a mixed
computing environment. The PC users are a minority, but they still exist
and have to be considered.

I see there are some options out there, and I'm researching them while
composing this post. What I'd like to know is if anyone here has any
real world experience with the products that do exist--and if so, was
your experience good, bad or ugly?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or advice.