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The Beatles in a High School Classroom


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There are times my students are working in groups and so I hook up my iPhone to the Promethean board and play music over the classroom speakers. Usually I just use Pandora and play a Disney channel. However, a student asked what type of music was on my phone and so I played a song performed by the Beatles.

Another student asked me - what group is singing? I answered the Beatles. He quickly replied, "I've never heard them before."

This is very different from just a few years ago. A few years ago there was a revival of the Beatles' music. High schoolers knew the songs, knew the group's history, and even openly talked about the stages of growth the fab four went through during the 60s.

Tomorrow - or the next time they are working well - I'll play their music again and see the reaction. Will the student's recognize the music?

PS. The songs were from the Box set.