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The Alias Lifetime Achivement Award

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by Heywood Jablowme, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. Heywood Jablowme

    Heywood Jablowme Flightless Bird

    This is a simple test, it will show if or not you're an Alias Fucktard
    and unwilling or unable to bend OVER, listen and respect your fellow

    1. Do you often respond all posts by Frank, Bill Yanaire, kevpan815, DanS,
    John B. Slocomb, Death, and a host of others?

    If yes, score 10 points.

    2. Do you often respond to posts that mention Sheep?
    If yes, score 10 points.

    3. Do you say you need to call everyone a Baboon, ill informed, or stupid?
    If any of the above, score 10 points.

    4. Do you automatically say or imply you are smarter and know more
    about Windows than the person asking for help?
    If yes, score 10 points.

    5. Do you frequently make sorry ass excuses for Microsoft products, report
    their sales figures, profits or put down everyone?
    If yes, score 10 points.

    6. Do you provide cut and paste answers that often don't fit
    the question asked?
    If yes, score 10 points.

    7. Do you feel like insulting all MVPs and say you are smarter
    than everyone on the planet?
    If yes, score 20 points.

    8. Do you consider everyone that posts here
    blowhards, fools and idiots?
    If yes, score 30 points.

    9. Do you consider Ubuntu forums a place of worship,
    where nothing negative about nothing, should ever be uttered?
    If yes, score 40 points.

    10. Do you feel comparing your dick size to that of a Sheep is
    inappropriate and end up attacking the poster?
    if yes score 40 points.

    How to score:

    If you score 40 points you are moderately biased and well on your way
    to becoming a shameless Alias. If you score 50 points you need to
    have a friend read your posts and give a honest blowjob to you.
    If you score 60 points you are a Alias lover and would be better off
    taking some psychiatric class or other human behavior lessons. If you score
    70 or more
    points you are a candidate for the Alias Lifetime Achivement Award

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